FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS2019-04-30T08:46:47+00:00
Can you be our PSCS?2019-02-21T18:07:05+00:00

If you don’t want to appoint an external PSCS we would be most happy to take on the role. We have the necessary competence to carry out the relevant duties of PSCS. We have training, knowledge, experience & resources. We have Health & Safety qualifications & have safety experience to ensure complience with the 2005 Act, and all applicable regulations, standards & safety/ health/ welfare requirements.

What does PSCS mean?2019-02-21T18:06:07+00:00

PSCS means Project Supervisor for the Construction Stage. This title was introduced with the 1995 Construction Regulations & reinforced in the 2001 & 2006 Construction Regulations.

Are you compliant with current building regulations?2019-02-21T18:04:59+00:00

Yes we are fully compliant with all current building regulations.

Are you insured?2019-04-15T17:14:19+00:00

We have public and employers liability cover.

What about snagging and after?2019-04-15T17:13:29+00:00

We promise snagging without the nagging! We guarantee all the work that we carry out and guarantee prompt attention in the unlikely event that you may not be 100% satisfied with the job.

What about skip hire for the job?2019-02-21T18:00:05+00:00

Any rubbish from the job gets hauled by skip. We’ll organise it, with your agreement of course. The cost is included in the quotation.

When can you meet for consultation?2019-04-15T17:12:14+00:00

Our preference is business hours 8:30-5pm

And you’ll project manage the whole thing?2019-04-15T17:11:07+00:00

Absolutely, we project manage from start to finish. You can go and get on with life and we’ll cover all the messy stuff. But don’t worry! We’ll be filling you in every step of the way. And because everything funnels through us, from plumber to carpenter to decorator to purchases, you only need one number in your phonebook. Ours!

What happens at the consultation?2019-02-21T17:51:02+00:00

During the consultation we’ll assess, measure and survey the site. At this point we can talk in more detail about what you want to achieve. We’ll suggest some options and give you some firm recommendations. Based on your wishes, we’ll find and cost the materials and prepare a formal quote. If you agree to our always-competitive cost then we can schedule a start date.

How does the process work?2019-02-21T17:49:37+00:00

You email, phone or write to us at 3Rock Contracting with an initial overview of your project. Then we set up a free consultation at your house.

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